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First Take Productions

Professional Sound Reinforcement, Digital Recording & Stage Lighting


Approved Testimonials

Being a musician myself, I truly appreciate the professionalism of Mr. Harrington and the entire First Take Productions team. With our unusual requirements for creating a concert setting among the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show, our needs were not only met, but exceeded in all aspects. We look forward to working with the First Take Productions team at our show every year.

Bob Ashton

MCACN, LLC Managing Member

"Steven Harrington is a first class act in sound reinforcement. His equipment is top notch and sounds great in the house mix and in the monitor mix on stage. But way beyond all that is the incredible service. He's on time, always courteous, and most important, with Steven the music always comes first. Any musician will feel like he or she is getting first class treatment. And that will always result in better music and a better performance. First Take Productions is always our first call for sound." David Margulis / evën sh'siyah

David Margulis

even sh'siyah - client

Hey Steve, hope you're doing well. do you have any contacts in the miami area who you know do a great job on sound for a type of gig like we did in chicago. you guys were incredible...meaning, the service you gave us, the equipment you provided for us, the dedication to get the best sound out...never seen anything like that. wondering if you have any friends in the miami area that would provide the same service. thank you, Eitan

Eitan Katz - New York

Sound Referral

Steve- I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks to you, Bob and Dennis for making last night a success. You guys made lemonade out of Rik's lemon guitar! Your professionalism was appreciated. We'll keep your card and call next time we try and pull off another concert. Feel free to use us or call for a referral/recommendation. Ronald Eberle BCBS of Illinois Sent via BlackBerry

Ron Eberle

Rik Emmetts (Triumph) Chicago Concert 08-27-2011

Steve was my bands (NOTUS) soundman all the way back in the 80's we never had to ask for more of this or that in our monitors because it was already " Perfect " Over the years we've worked together again with many other bands I've played in, and it's always the same! Simply put Steve is a Professional who always gives 110% at every show he works! As for the Sound in the Mains I've never had a single Fan say anything negative about how we sounded through the P.A. only how Great the sound was!

Scott Natas


[email protected]

If you are in a band and ever need a sound company and light show that will rock your socks off look up Steven Harrington on Facebook and request his service he has one of the best crews working with him. Thanks guys again

Mike Paulson

Drummer- Crush Proof Box